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Topic: Using a Barco Lens in a Christie Projector
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Christie Roadster HD18K
Projector Specs
I have had it done before by a service tech, but I need to do it again, and that tech is not longer around. Can someone give me some advice on this. I need a .8 lens for a Christie Roadster HD18K Any help is appreciated.
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You may want to call Barco directly to find out if they are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for that particular Christie projector.

If you had a different Christie projector which was fitted with a Barco lens it was probably because Barco made the projector for Christie, but not ALL Christie projectors are made by Barco, and so not all Barco lenses are going to be compatible.

This looks to be a similar match...

But, I can't tell for sure.

Companies like Digital Projection have stuck with similar designs for years and is one of the main reasons I recommend them on higher end projectors. They still make, and have lenses, which will work with the first projectors they were producing. This is good for those who are investing tens of thousands of dollars on a quality projector.

I wish you luck on this, but the first thing to do is to call up both Christie and Barco and really try to find out exactly where that projector came from.

If you have the SAME projector with a Barco lens, then it likely fits in normally without modification, which means you just need to get the model number right off the Barco lens and buy another one.

Good luck!
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