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Topic: need info on projecter for high rise advertising
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i would like to know what would be my best options for the projection of advertising, both moving and still images, onto the outside of a city based building at night. throw distance to building being approx 25-30metres, as it would be set up in an office space across the road. also, what can i expect as far as image deterioration, on a fully glassed/windowed building? thx
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I have the same enquiry - I will stand by and hope that someone comes up with a solution.
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Please don't cross post between different forums with the same question.

You had asked the question here:

Since buildings can offer various levels of reflectivity and gain structure, and there is no indication as to the ambient conditions, it's nearly impossible to say how things will look or what the results will be. Since the size is likely to be in the same realm as commercial movie theater screen sizes, you should remember that those projectors run upwards of $80,000 to fill that screen in a 100% dark environment.

A cheap, non-theater grade model will likely be in the $15,000-$30,000 range to do the size you are talking about. Then, you will still have a lot of unknowns to deal with.

So, I will stick with my strong recommendation that a high-end rental projector is recommended prior to any purchase.
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