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Topic: My akwardly setup apartment mancave
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I got sucked in to living in a two bedroom apartment, ha. More or less, I just didn't care to pay the extra money for rent, etc...but now after installing this projector last year, I am alwwwways going to have a mancave to setup a big screen. My only deterrence of going even bigger and better (HD20 and black theater style curtains) is because of the shape of the room and the fact that it is an apartment...don't want to waste to much $$$ on stuff when I could move out.

So here's what I got:

Optoma HD66 $623.00 shipped new
Screen Goo ~$100.00
Random dark blue from other paint projects - probably ~$5.00
Piece of wood and two angled wall mounts - Home depot - $12.50!
Plastic Sheets - ~$3.00
Big blue tape - ~$5.00
Hole in the wall - free!
amount of fun to play on ... ?

it looks even better now that I changed a lot of the settings. Only Halo cuts off the bottom and top of the game like ignore that please.
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Nice, Halo! Great affordable setup.
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Good to hear that. There has been a rise in recent years in the number of individuals putting “man caves” in their homes. A man cave is a room wholly devoted to the male head of the household, a haven for the male to rest and refresh from tasteful sofas and pourris. It's not the worst move for home values either, as it can add just a little more to the bottom line comes time to sell the home. You may read here to get more info: Putting in a man cave will not necessarily hurt home value.