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Topic: My Budget Home Theater done right.
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This is my 2nd home theater build and this time I got it right. Bought 7 used theater seats first, and determined that if I knocked out a couple of walls, I'd be able to put in a raised 2nd row. I am using the Epson Home Cinema 8350, Proficient in-wall front, surrounds, and center. A Sunfire 250 watt double 10" subwoofer supplies the enormous bass, and a home built screen (130" diagonal) from a kit I bought on ebay. The 7.1 is delievered through an inexpensive Sony I got through Amazon. A 21" kitchen cabinet built into the wall hosts the equipment that also includes a Sony Blu-ray and an Xbox 360 - the finish out of the cabinet included removal of inner panel and replaced with thin black material that was stapled to panel groove and painted to match - and remotes are able to function the equipment through the material and the equipment is still able to breathe. The finish out will also include acoustic panels through out.
For the screen, I bought a 9'x11' piece of screen material on ebay for $54 and added the 2"x60' felt boarder for another $25. I nailed 1x4's against the wall after sizing it with the projector. We streched the screen starting at the top, and stapled from the middle outward with a commercial staple gun (highly recommend, also bought on ebay for around $79). After it was completely stapled-in, I then trimmed it out with pre-fininshed "L" trim I got from Home Depot. All that was left was installing the felt by cutting it to fit, peeling the back and sticking it in place. The finished product has a professional look and is perfectly sized to my desired image at a fraction of the cost.

7 used seats: $800 (Craigslist)
Epson 8350: $1135 (
Ceiling Mount: $89 (
Sony reciever STR-DH520: $182 (amazon)
Sony Blu-ray: $216 (already had this - Best buy)
Screen material + lumber: $115 (ebay - price includes 2"x60' felt)
Surround Speakers: $305 (friend that gave me dealer cost)
Sunfire subwoofer: $236 (friend that gave me dealer cost)
Materials for construction: $300 (home depot)
Carpet install: $100 (carpet mill, I had carpet - labor only)
Acoustic panels + material: $250 (self built, material from Jo-ann)
4 theater lights: $63 (knobs for less - internet)
Ceiling fan with remote: $108 (on sale at home depot)
Kitchen cabinet: $75 (surplus warehouse)
25' HDMI cable: $32 (traded Gray Wolf 750ml for cable)
Grand Total: $4195

Not too bad considering that the cost includes everything from start to finish.

Furniture for remotes, candy, and user manuals: $65 (model home auction)
Area rug: $15 (model home auction)
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the begining of the de-construction

720 × 540 pixels (48.70 KB)

almost ready for sheetrock

720 × 540 pixels (49.84 KB)

textured and ready for paint

720 × 540 pixels (48.79 KB)

one side ripped out

720 × 540 pixels (56.64 KB)

first coat of paint

720 × 540 pixels (52.84 KB)

carpet down

720 × 540 pixels (40.03 KB)

Epson Home Cinema 8350

720 × 540 pixels (72.95 KB)

Seats in place

720 × 540 pixels (55.11 KB)

Kitchen cabinet in place

720 × 540 pixels (29.17 KB)

Homemade screen 130" diagonal

720 × 540 pixels (41.69 KB)

Final touches on equipment cabinet

735 × 980 pixels (52.42 KB)

Acoustic panel with light

735 × 980 pixels (79.85 KB)

my homemade screen

1045 × 784 pixels (62.95 KB)

Tron screenshot

980 × 735 pixels (84.98 KB)

the dual 10" subwoofer

735 × 980 pixels (95.07 KB)