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Topic: My rear 103" projector screen setup and man cave
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Just wanted to show people that a rear projection setup is definitely worth it if you have the room. Awesome for parties, playing Xbox Kinect games and Ps3 Move. The quality of the image is not much affected by the ambient light of the room as long the the back room where the projector is located stays dark. I have all the electronics hidden in the back keeping it nice and clean with a 7.2 surround sound system in the ceiling and walls. Here are a few pictures might post a video later on if anybody is interested.

Just added 4x 100W bass shakers under two of the main seating area and the result is just unbelievable. Makes all the difference when watching a action movie. You feel the explosions and gun shots, I highly recommend it to anybody.

I wired them on the secondary sub output of my main amplifier and then in series after being amplified by an additional kenwood receiver In stereo mode on the FL and FR channel.

cost was around 150$ for all 4 on ebay.
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Building stage

640 × 478 pixels (56.86 KB)

building stage

640 × 478 pixels (54.09 KB)

building stage

640 × 478 pixels (41.95 KB)

center fireplace

640 × 478 pixels (56.29 KB)

getting there

640 × 478 pixels (46.11 KB)


640 × 478 pixels (50.76 KB)


640 × 478 pixels (53.12 KB)

behing the scene

640 × 478 pixels (65.87 KB)

behing the scene

640 × 478 pixels (62.18 KB)

behind the scene

640 × 478 pixels (56.24 KB)


640 × 478 pixels (52.57 KB)

Pinball machine

640 × 478 pixels (31.54 KB)

big screen tv...

640 × 478 pixels (47.21 KB)


640 × 478 pixels (46.36 KB)
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that looks like quite the project. Looks pretty great to me though wish i had a mancave! lol