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Topic: weatherproof outdoor protection case
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Hi everyone

I need help to find out two things please:
How can i remotelessly control a computer connected to a permanently fixed projector?
Where can I find a weatherpoof permanent case for projectors?

I am looking to affix projectors permanently in outdoor locations which will be exposed entirely to sun and rain?
No snow!

Thank you in advance for any help!
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This is a link to a proper weatherproof projection enclosure...

here as well...

You are looking for a digital signage PC, which there are many (hundreds) to choose from.

You really should be going to a professional installation company for this work as it appears you know nothing of projection at all, you just are looking for a solution. For a professional solution when you don't know anything about the subject, I would turn to experts and pay them appropriately for their engineering time. Any commercial A/V dealer should be able to help you out.

I struggle with this as there are answers to your question on outdoor enclosures just a few posts down, so if you aren't willing to do this basic research, then you truly do need someone to help you get this done properly.
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We are using a regular PC, that has the digital signage software running on it - that we can control using an internet connection.

We also deploy outdoors and we use an outdoor projector enclosure from these guys

We found the standard product fits 98% of the projectors we install, so for something off the shelf, it works for us.

Hope it helps.
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We used these guys for a number of projects from video mapping to a backyard theatre in Mozambique