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Topic: Where can I go to see projector in action
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I am looking for a portable business projector in the $1500 to $2000 range. I wish ther was a place that I can go see them in action. I've purchased a few Dell projectors in the past and had to return one because it just was not up to par. We use it to present various renderings, movies from renderings, photos, maps, powerpoint presentations to potential customers. We are an architectural firm who rely heavily on visual senses.
Thank you.
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Almost no place has business class projectors on display. The projectors are to cheap and the lamps are to expensive to waste (literally) on the $30 they make selling it.

About the best thing to do is to take your money and throw it into the brightest and best rated projectors at your price point.

The BenQ is rated brightest, but I would probably go with the Sanyo PLC-XU106 which is a good product from a real top-down projection manufacturer.

Unless you are in a truly dark room, it is lumens which you need above all else. Well, not above all else - color accuracy is important as well.

You MUST feed the projector it's native resolution. In the case of the examples, given, that's 1024x768 resolution which must be fed from the computer to the projector for best results.
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