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Topic: Recommendations for Projector for Daylight viewing
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I need advice on choice of projector for showing films/movies in a large room during the day (between 10am-2pm in a room without curtains). Can anyone help with some recommended brands and models?. My budget is between $2,000-$3,000.


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How large of a screen? Is the screen going to be in direct daylight at all? Do you have a light meter you can borrow (at all)?

Minimum contrast ratio specs call for 10:1 for adequate (not great) viewing.

So, if there is 10 lumens falling on the screen, then you need 100 lumens per square foot of screen to deal with that. A 8x6 screen would need about 5,000 REAL lumens to deal with this.

Which is going to be tough on your budget.

Basically, you have to just buy the brightest darn projector you can for the money if that is what you must do.

If this is a 'long term' installation, then they need to buy some freakin' curtains! Movie theaters don't have big windows without curtains and neither should a permanently installed projection setup.
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Is there any other configuration you need. Your question is incomplete. I think BenQ W6000 DLP Projector will be good for you. It suits your budget.