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Topic: Finally getting my man cave done, Allmost there.
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So this has been in the works for about 2 years on/off. We had to brace the walls with 4" I-beam. then frame the entire thing, build a bedroom, bathroom/spa for the wife and then the theater for me. The room is about 12' wide (10' at the bulkhead) buy 32' long with 15-17' being the theater.

All the work has been done by me, my dad and father inlaw. Everything is here or on the way except the reciever im torn with how much to spend Onkyo 3007 or 5007.

All the speakers are boxed with a 5/8" MDF box 1.25cu/ft and them filled with polyester pillow fluff. I pulled a dedicated 15amp circuit with hospital grade plugs(red ones) for the system only. I painted the wall flat black 1" larger than the viewable size of the screen.

So my system comprises of

Viewsonic Pro8100 projector.
Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Perf 110" 16:9
9.1 (hopefully i can find a matching sub for 9.2)
Monoprice inwall 8" Kevlars L/C/R
Monoprice incieling 8" Kevlars Lr/Ls/Rs/Rr
Polk minis Hl/Hr
Klipsch RW-10 sub
Monster Standatd THX 14/2 for the speakers
Monster IC-400 for the low level audio to the from and rear sub locations.
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Looking good. ...So over 500 views and no replies by me? And i only visit this site about 3 times a!
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Nice's almost their.
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Looks good........I see you are in a hospital setting with backup that!