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Topic: Building the GUYMAX Theater in my Basement
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Back in 2005 I bought a modest rambler. Since I was single, the basement was a natural place to create my home theater. It needed some work but I knew how to swing a hammer so I decide to embark on creating the GUYMAX Theater!

I started with a Panasonic PT-L300U LCD projector (which was about ($900.00 at the time) and figured that would be, by far, the most expensive item in the GUYMAX. I didn't have a lot to spend but tend to be a bit "creative" so I was pretty confident that I could do a nice job without going into debt.

The final cost was around $5,000 to put together. That includes all equipment, construction materials and furniture. And of course that money was spread over a few years so I didn't have to have that all at once.

The cost breakdown would be something like:
Projector = $900
Receiver = $400
Center Speaker = $200
SubWoofer = $150
DVD Player = $200
Construction Materials (wood, sheetrock, etc) = under $1,000
Carpeting (included 11'x35' room and stairs) = $1,200
Two Futons = $800

All in all it was a modest investment to a home theater that looks like I spent twice as much or more (in my humble opinion.) :-)

I am posting this to encourage those thinking of stepping out of their comfort zone to build the "dream" setup - it really does not require $30,000-$60,000 to create something really fun!

I will post more pictures and details in the future. The basic room I had to work with was about 12 feet wide by 35 feet long by 8 feet high so either it was going to be a home theater or bowling alley. I think the theater was the better choice for me. ;-)

The "screen" is nothing more than a blank wall of sheetrock that was painted to look like a white screen on a black background. The screen paint I used was BEHR paint, color - "Silver Screen". The ceiling is black, the walls are a dark red and the wood-like pillars are painted to simulate a cherry wood look. I also added red velvet curtains to help with sound and the overall look. The room still needs some floor trim and the rest of the velvet curtains. I had some old movie theater seats I got for $10 a piece but now I like the comfort of the futons better.
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The almost finished GUYMAX Theater!

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So here are some of the construction pictures of building the GUYMAX.

1. The basement had the ceiling sheetrocked but I had to pull old paneling off the walls and sheetrock them. Notice that it did not take long to get my projector mounted on the ceiling. :-)

2. Sheetrock done and basic primer on walls. Painted the "screen" wall with flat black paint and screen area was painted with BEHR paint, color "Silver Screen". It works great! It's amazing what just paint can do to create a theater space! There are already folding chairs set for movie-party.

3. Picture taken from screen area toward back. Better view of projector mounted to ceiling. Super-simple U-shaped box attached to ceiling. Fireplace was already at far end of room when I bought the house.

4. A closer look at the screen and electronics. I have two front speakers on the floor, a center at the ceiling and a sub-woofer on the floor too. The stereo gear was set into the wall that would later be covered by a curtain.

5. Some of the detail work on the entrance to the theater. Just inexpensive molding. Once painted a "wood" color it will be more what I want.

6. A close-up view of the columns, side lights and box above to hold rope lights. The side lights were found at Lowes for about $15 a piece and I painted the molding above with gold paint to reflect the rope light into the room.

7. When the lights are dimmed, they look pretty good!

8. View of the screen area after I added the red velvet curtains. Just a concrete floor yet.

9. Of course I had to create a lightbox for the movie poster that greets you at the bottom of the stairs!

10. Finally watching a movie! I created a "stadium seating" effect by buying 2 futons and chopping the legs off the front futon. The futons work great and allow me to sit closer to my sweetie!
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1. The beginning

640 × 376 pixels (39.33 KB)

2. All white

639 × 470 pixels (35.82 KB)

3. Nice chairs huh? :-)

617 × 479 pixels (47.86 KB)

4. Close-up of screen

640 × 373 pixels (27.19 KB)

5. Entrance

452 × 639 pixels (30.96 KB)

6. Lights

480 × 584 pixels (26.95 KB)

7. lIghts out

640 × 356 pixels (17.48 KB)

8. Close-up of screen

640 × 480 pixels (31.86 KB)

9. Lightbox

480 × 640 pixels (56.65 KB)

10. Watching a movie

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Awesome home theater! Love your color scheme and the ceiling lights.
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I too use PT-L300U LCD projector. Panasonic has combined all of the vital elements needed for resounding success excellent contrast, plenty of brightness for home theater, no pixelation, no fan noise, small, easy to install with this one.