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Topic: pictures of my HT
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Hi all finally posting pic of my ht under construction. My room size is 25' X 15'. I have 8' ceilings and I plan on installing a suspended ceiling. Wiring for 7.1. All the insulation on the floor was hung on the ceiling to reduce noise. Also where my table is now, should I insulate that wall to disperse the sound?I will post updates as I make progress. Any suggestions fire away please.. JOhn


where my seats will be

320 × 240 pixels (19.54 KB)

where the screen will be

320 × 240 pixels (17.59 KB)
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Good luck on your build. Since you asked for suggestions for me one crucial one would be pick an LCD projector. With a ceiling height of 8ft the DLPs will limit you.

And by the way I am a DLP fan and owner of one.
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Get a SVS subwoofer. Of all the things I had to buy for my media room this thing was shocklingly under priced. The sound is unreal.
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Your arrangement is good. I like to see the detailed picture of your home theater. I love this.