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Topic: Basement for the Family
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We started this room for our kids; somewhere they could invite friends over and just relax. Trying to keep them at home more than wondering around

• I installed a fireplace and built the fireplace mantel from scratch using MDF material.
• The screen is DIY it is made from Black-Out material, 1x6’s, black velvet cloth and a lot of staples.
• Toshiba TDP-S3 projector
• Philips DVD player
• Above the fireplace is a 42" LG LCD screen
• 5.1 Kenwood surround system (a little out dated but works well), I will be looking to upgrade to 7.1 this summer (at least that is what I tell myself, wife has her opinion as well!)

Over all we are happy with it and bring us together every Friday for movie night and their friends like it too!
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Basement Project 1

1536 × 960 pixels (132.80 KB)

Basement Project 2

1536 × 953 pixels (126.68 KB)
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Looks good. I bet the kids just love it. Is it working, do they stay home more.
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Very nice!

Its so great to get together for movies.
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Looks beautiful. Attractive too. Your kids are lucky and they will definitely love this. I like your mind, well arranged.