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Topic: What's better between Speakercraft and Audiophile speakers?
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We had a home built that was supposed to come with Speaker Craft AIM 8 speakers and I crawled up in the attic and noticed they installed Audiophile Earthquake speakers. They are saying the Audiophiles are better. Are they trying to justify a mistake or are they truely a better speaker than the SpeakerCrafts?
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It's really hard to say without knowing the exact model numbers of the speakers. It looks like the AIM 8 is a series from SpeakerCraft and the EarthQuake Audio line of Audophile speakers is hard to even locate on their website.

I would find out exact model numbers before raising a stink on it, but it is often the case that the contract allows for a change in gear as long as the replacement gear is of equal or better quality.
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