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Topic: Toshiba HD-A3 brightness
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I recently purchased a Toshiba HD-A3 player, to use just for upscaling standard DVDs, thinking that brand-new in-the-box technology for $65 was hard to beat. It does a beautiful job upscaling... the sharpness, contrast and color are really improved... but the image is quite dark. Often too dark. I'm wondering if I've overlooked something in the setup?
I am also using a Philips DVP 5960, which looks a lot brighter by comparison, but will only upscale via HDMI. My current projector has no HDMI input.

Some other details:
The projector is a BenQ B6200 fed via component to D-sub 15 pin cable. The source for the projector is selected through a JVC JX-S111 AV Selector. I noticed that the menu of the BenQ includes Phase and V-Size options when I'm using the Toshiba player, but adjusting those doesn't seem to have any effect on the image.