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Hello, I have my home theater nearly complete. All I need are some speakers. Right now my budget is $750 or lower, though I am willing to go as high as $1500. Please any suggestions would be appreciated. I've looked at the Fluance SX-HTB+ system and I almost pulled the trigger on those, but then I read around and heard that they were a white-van speaker setup. Is that true, I mean Cnet has them reviewed and they even recommend them for the money. Also I've looked at the Aperion Intimus 533-PT CInema HD, JBL, Polk, Boston Acoustics, Kiplich and Sony speaker systems. Which would you suggest and also information on the Fluance SX-HTB+ would be appreciated.
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There are tons of choices out there, but Fluance doesn't seem to have much in the way of reputable reports on noted websites.

There are just tons of decent speakers out there for the 750 to 1500 range, but you want to be sure to include a decent sub within that budget, or your bass will be seriously lacking.

I run Definitive Technology for all my speakers - except for a Velodyne sub.
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