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Topic: Epson 1080p do I need a receiver with a scaler
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I'm looking to upgrade my receiver. I've got an Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080. A lot of the new receiver upconvert and scale inputs, do i need that or will the epson do it itself? And if it does have a scaler what brand. The sony and denon receivers use a Faroudja DCDi for 1080p. Onkyo it seems also uses faroudja but doesn't go 1080p. The Realta scaler is used by Denon and onkyo high end. And yamaha uses Anchor Bay technologies but the lower ends don't convert 480i. If I don't need a scaler then I can look at some lower end models again.
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No projector on the face of this earth needs a scaler - they all have them built in.

Look at reviews of this projector for more information.
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