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Topic: Monoprice vs Monster...Which HDMI cable should I get?
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Don't get me started on Monster....

But rather than take my word on their more than questionable claims, take a look at this link regarding a special report done by "Marketplace", a VERY well respected Canadian consumer interest show that is famous for its documentaries and for exposing frauds and false claims.

Short version is that they brought a 200 dollar Monster HDMI cable and a 20 dollar (if I remember correctly) cable to a lab and had them tested for throughput accuracy. Since we are talking about digital signal, the only thing that matters is that the data gets to it's destination unchanged.

While the Monster Cable tested showed that it did not lose or modify a single bit of data, neither did the brand that cost ten times less! 100% data accuracy from both models!

The only thing to be careful of is if you are going long distances, make sure it is rated (gauge wise, not magic monster wise) to handle the required bandwidth for 1080p at the distance you need. Also should be rated for HDMI 1.3 if you need it. But as for better picture quality, the story above tells it all.
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