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Topic: Are ther cables to hook my computer to my TV?
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I would like to watch burned movies from my computer on my flat screen Are ther cables out there for this?
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Plenty of cables, but depends more on your TV and your computer.

The easiest way is if your computer has a VGA output and your TV has a VGA input.

Then you need this:

If your computer has a DVI output and your TV has a VGA input, you need this:

If your computer has DVI output and your TV has DVI input, you need this:

If your computer has DVI output, and your TV has HDMI input, you can try this, but you may need to check your TV resolution to see if it accepts standard PC resolutions:

Finally, your PC may even allow for 'HD' output using a component breakout cable in which case you can hook up to your TV via analog component cables like these:

In the future, when asking how to do something like this, you may, at the very least, want to mention the make and model of your TV and the connections it has avaiable on it... if not the vide connectivity from your PC.
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Great information. I have been wanting to do this so I could watch some of my instant play movies through netflix on my TV instead of sitting in my office on my not so comfortable office chair.