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Topic: Outside Theater
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I am a first time poster and have some questions about a project that wifey has agreed to let me take on. I am going to set up an outside HT on my pool deck that will easily break down for storage. I have taken some measurements and figured my screen will be about 15-20 feet from the projector. I will ceiling mount the projector on my back porch and project to a temp screen behind the pool. I plan to create my screen using some info I read here about using photographers backdrop paper. I own a computer company and am a Dell VAR (value added reseller), so I get great prices from them. I want to use a 2400MP and I understand it is not rated too highly for ht. My thoughts are that I do not need HD resolutions for my HT and need something that can easily throw a decent video image from 20 feet. Am I thinking right here? I have my kick butt 60" LCD HD in the house! Just thought this woud be great for the occasional outside movie or Monday night football....or Gator Championship game.
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4 segment, 2x speed color wheel is not all that great for movies. Most home theater units have a 6 segment, 4x speed wheel. Native 4:3 rather than 16:9. It's more than bright enough (too bright for indoor movie use in a or dimly lit dark room). It will get the job done but contrast, black levels and shadow detail will suffer. a better choice would be the Mitsubishi HD1000U. It is considered very bright for the lumen rating, under $1000, 16:9 native and native HD 720p
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How much do you want to spend. How big a screen do you want? At $800, the HD1000 is an excellent choice if it fits your needs.
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