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Topic: Epsom Projector to PS3 & Digital TV allowing sound to still come from old TV speaker
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I have just bought my 1st projector.
Looking for some advice on how connect all my 'components' up so I dont have to change over cables all the time.
Components are;
Epsom projector
Foxtel IQ digital TV box
Masuda TV (CRT only one set of yellow white red cables)

My main problem being - I cant afford a sounds system at the moment so I need to beable to play PS3, Foxtel TV through the projector while having the sound for the program/game/dvd playing on the projector come through my old tvs speakers.

Be great if someone could let me know on the best way to go about this.. as Im keen to get this going as soon as!!

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One of the 4 (probably #3)

1)Foxtel box has inputs (for passing a VCR/DVD player through it) that you can hook the PS3 audio too and pass it to the TV

2)Same as above but your passing stuff from the Foxtel to the PS3 (Does the PS3 have inputs for doing this?)

3)Manually switching it. You have another audio cable and when using the PS3 you hook that up to the TV, the Foxtel is hooked up the rest of the time. (would be the cheapest rout outside of looking for some kind of audio switcher)

4)Getting an audio switcher, you might as well just go buy a cheap receiver and pass the audio via RCA jacks to the TV
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