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Topic: Epson defective LCD Panel?
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Hi guys.

Got an Epson TW700. While on the blue default background screen if I turn the PJ completely out of focus there are noumerous bright green fluorescent spots on the screen. They have no certain shape, or size and they are all around. If i turn the PJ in focus they are not visible.

A friend of mine has an Epson TW 600 and he has the same "problem" only in his case a couple of the spots are so big that when the PJ is in focus you can see vague smudges on the screen, even when you watch a movie.

To add to the above my previous PJ was a NEC VT 57, which if Im not mistaken uses Epson panels. There the problem was as intense as my friends.

It seems to me that it must be a production fault. Any suggestions?
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sounds like dust. it could be in the light path or it may just be on the outside of your lens. how often do you clean your lens and filter?