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Topic: Barco Reality 6300
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To invert the image on a 6500

On the projector keypad press the enter key to bring up the menu.

Arrow down to "installation" press enter

Arrow down to "configuration" press enter

There will be options for front/rear and table/ceiling and all combinations thereof. arrow to the config you want.. (in you case table with either front or rear depending on your setup. press enter and that should do it.

If i'm a little off with the menu structure forgive me... it's been a little while since i tried to remember the old barco menus.. you should find 'configuration' in a menu somewhere i think it was right under 'lens'

hope this helps

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Barco BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC
Projector Specs
red16v`s try connecting your barco to your pc so the pj can find a source on my barcoreality sim 6 i can not pullup menu until i have a source connected to it. try this fix. barco graphics 6300 is the same as mine the only different mines 3d same 400w mh lamp
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