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Topic: Purchasing help for first projector
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Quote (JayDo on Apr 18, 2007 6:05 PM):
Thanks. I didn't think it would cost me 30K to watch TV in the backyard... I appreciate the info.

As I said - it depends on what pieces of the list you do and do not conform to and what your requirements are.

You need to keep the projector and the screen in envrionmentally controlled conditions when they are NOT in use. Obviously, if they are in use, then it is likely that the weather is decent and it isn't an issue. But, 'plenum' and 'envronmentally controled' are not the same thing. That's just something to watch out for.

Your throw distance is also significantly less than originally stated...

135" diagonal from the AX100U from Panasonic will look absolutely kick arse at night!

Once again, because you are only talking about night time usage and will be controlling light.

So, as long as you are coming down, within the requirements, across the board, then things will fall into place.

The screen itself is something I would probably worry most and least about. That is, for about $100 or so you can get a manually retractible screen. Then I would just replace it every year or two and not even worry that much about the enclosue. It will look pretty darn good, and there won't be serious headaches or issues to deal with on the weather.
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