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Topic: new projector advice for video exhibition
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I am new to the list, though read this site for info quite a bit. I am not sure if this is better suited for the business forum or the home theatre forum, but thought i would start here and see what happens.

I am looking to buy a new projector for video exhibition on a pretty small scale. It will be used in a smallish gallery setting (20 x 50 room) with controlled lighting (dark, except for some bouncing ambient light off of dark walls). My budget is $3-4,000, and I will be using dvcam, beta sp, or dvd as source material, with occasional need for laptop input. Primarily though, it will be from DVcam deck. Most material will be in 4:3.

Here are my questions based on other machines I have used in this space.

1. dlp vs. lcd.
I hate the rainbow effect. I know some people can't see it but i can and it drives me crazy. I also hate the poor color/contrast, and screen door effect on lcd's. I've heard that newer machines in both camps resolve this issue, but haven't worked with those machines. I am used to infocus x1, epson powerlite s1, and an older mitsubishi lcd. Does the faster/seven segment color wheel make a big difference? I know that 3 chip dlps do, but those are way out of price range.

2. 4:3 or 16:9
i'm using mainly 4:3 material, so it makes sense to stick with that, though I am finding that the best newer projectors with the best specs and reviews are all 16:9. Some people say go 16:9 as it is future proofing, some say stick 4:3 as it does better for both formats. What are the drawbacks to using a 16:9 projector for 4:3 material? Is it just black pillars on either side of the frame?

3. throw range
Ceiling mount is hard in this space, so ideally i would find something strong enough and with a lens that would project a 90-96" high image from about 35-40 feet back. tall order i know, but throwing that out there.

Any specific ideas or models that might