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Topic: Replacement projector. Mount 14ft away from wall
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I have a 6 year old projector I want to replace. It is mounted on the ceiling some 14 feet (give or take a few inches) away from the wall (interactive whiteboard).

I have tested a portable projector in place of the original one, but the screen size is way too big for the whiteboard.

Is this a problem I am going to encounter with any replacement projector, is their an optimum distance for mounting the projector if I want the final image to be contained within the borders of the interactive whiteboard?

Is the size of the projected image always dependant on the distance the projector is mounted from the wall?

Will I have to move the ceiling mount?

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confused user,

With the interactive whiteboards you are very limited in the size of the image and it is usually smaller than normal. Therefore most projectors are going to have to be mounted closer to the screen than normal. At 14 feet the old projector probably (not sure?) had a special lens in order to allow it to fit onto the whiteboard. You need to use the distance calculater that is located on the main page.

The size of the image is very relevant to the distance from the screen.

There are definately some projectors out there that can meet your needs that will not need to be mounted onto the ceiling but they will probably be slightly more expensive.