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Topic: [Purchase] Church, $1000.00 +- 200.00
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i'm looking to purchase a new projector for the church

it's fairly small

occupancy of only about 100 - 200 max

i have about $1000.00 to spend, plus or minus 200 including shipping and tax

it's my first time making such decision, and i'm really a novice on selecting a projector

i did read many reviews here and do have an idea as to what to look for and stuff but i still am not sure which one to purchase

please advise,

amount of light can be controlled but please explain in detail

thankx for time and concern in advance


mainly will be connected to a notebook
music scores,
texts (scriptures and announcements)
and occa. clips/movie viewings

thankx again
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The first thought was the Optoma EP719 being that for the price and contrast, resolution, brightness, ect. it seems like a good choice. Also it's a business projector. Another good choice (though a 16:9 aspect ratio unit) would be the infocus IN72 due to the fact that it is getting very good reviews, it's brighter than the specs suggest, and the contrast has been described as nearly as good as that of the Optoma H27 rated at 4000:1 even though it is rated at 2000:1. Of course it is not a 4:3 projector. A great deal of this depends on what the projector will be used for. If it is for power point or images then the IN72 might not be a very good choice. With the limited budget you have we need to try and hook you up with one that will give a great deal of brightness, good image, ect. In actuality once other members start suggesting units it could go on forever. Are there any you had in mind that seem good to you?
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In order for 100-200 people to be able to view any image the image is going to have to be bright enough to project a very large image. You are also going to need at least 1024 by 768 for people to be able to read text.

The EP719 is a good choice. Another Option is the BenQ MP620.

For that price, for the size you are going to need, an inexpensive home theater projector just wont be bright enough or have enough resolution.
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