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Topic: Software to link 2 projectors
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I was recently at Infocomm and saw a demonstration by Sanyo that links two projectors side by side. The software uses a basic webcam to perfectly allign two projected images so the final image appears seamless. They use their own software to do this, but I am searching for a 3rd party software program that will accomplish the same task.

Any ideas?
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If the application is video conferencing with side-by-side images of local and distant locations on the video call that's not particularly new or difficult. It can be just two PC with both running the same software or more than two linked via a video conference server.

It's been a while since I was involved with any of that but at that time multiple sites would be linked and synced and the video conference server did a lot of the functional control and most often participants in the video call would all see whichever site was talking or whichever a moderator chose for all to see.

I have also heard of stacking PJs in a vertical rack and seemed application was multiple PJs throwing same content together on same screen to achieve a result like more brightness.

Special software to sync in this case not necessary as you just manually adjust the mulitple images using lens shift or other mechanical adjustments until the overlay of the images match each other.
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