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Topic: Outdoor Cinema on the Beach
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I'm sorry if this is repetitive of previous posts, but the more I read, the more confused I get. I am trying to organize a outdoor cinema of sorts for my small beach community. 100-150 people would probably attend and we would do a beach-themed series of films shown on the beach. The section of beach is very dark at night- there isn't any development for several blocks and the ocean and a wildlife refuge borders in three directions. I am trying to determine what type of projector and screen setup would be adequate for that size crowd and in those conditions. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!
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Almost any projector works after dark with no lights. You just need a generator, sound system of some sort, and a projector.

A screen can be made yourself out of blackout cloth for cheap or I have used a king-size flat sheet (white) and it worked great with about 100 people watching. The best part of the DIY screen is that if it rains out of nowhere you don't worry about the screen, you focus on the projector/speakers/generator.
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For an audience of 150 i'd recommend a 3500 lumen projector. You can buy them for a great price at If you are interested in a complete outdoor movie system with projector, audio, outdoor movie screen, etc, Open Air Cinema sells an entire package with nearly everything pre-connected and ready to go. You can check it out at:
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