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Topic: Good prices.
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I have heard from people that there are websites or catalogs spacifically geared towards items use for worship. I was also told that they offer really good prices. I'm in the market for a projector for my grandmother who teachs at the local church on the weekdays and uses a 19inch TV to show videos to the children. I was wanting to get her a nice projector the she could use so they don't all have to crowed around such a tiny screen. My budget isn't that high. I'm trying to stay around $500. I know this sounds impossible but I'm ok with a used or refubished (or b-stock even though I have no idea what that is) Any ideas of where I can find these websites or catalogs?
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Not that I'm aware of.

Houses of worship are BIG BUSINESS. This is not about saving churches money, it is about custom installation and there are a ton of companies that can blend very nice installation work with very fine architecture. But, for cheapest pricing, online is impossible to beat and many online places are charging amounts that are far below MSRP and only 10 or 20 percent above cost- which is nothing.

1. Unless you plan on taking 100% responsibility for the risks involved in a used projector - don't go used.
2. Projectors most often do NOT include internal speakers, so you will need some sort of external speakers with whatever projector you get.
3. Yes, $500.00 is nothing, but you can sometimes find new, or factory refurbished projectors w/warranty and new lamp for under $500.00 online.
4. Speakers can be as simple as some computer speakers. My Logitech speakers which I got a few months back could be plugged into a DVD player or VCR and work with it. Not surround speakers, just regular stereo - but they do a decent job.
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