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Topic: Dell 2400MP?
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Anybody have one of these? It seems like a steal for the price. I want to set up a projector in my living room. The throw distance will be about 22'
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It is a typical low end bottom feeder business class projector that I wouldn't recommend as a home theater projector to anyone.

The FAQs at the top of the page cover exactly what this projector is fairly specifically - and this unit hits on almost every single downside of a business class projector.

Plus, your throw distance of 20+ feet will give you a SMALLEST screen size of about 140" diagonal - which is huge.

See the HDMI or DVI inputs on the back for HD connectivity? Yeah, neither did I.

The Dell is a value when you have a started business and a low end board room or need for a throwaway projector - it fits the bill perfectly.
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