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Topic: quick projector question
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quick question about projectors in general -
i'm going to be living in a small space next year. the depth of the room is ~11.5 feet - not deep enough for optimal viewing an a 92" screen (without screendoor effect, i assume). what if i want a smaller screen? can i just move the projector closer, or zoom it in farther? i can deal with having an 80" screen if the image looks that much better. does the image distort when projected onto a less than optimal size? thanks.

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It will look fine. Most projectors state what size screens you can use and usually they start around 4 or 5 feet (48 - 60 inches) and go up to 20 feet or so. You have a LOT of room between to play with and the image should always look excellent because of the focus & zoom controls.
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