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Topic: Choosing a Projector for Photograph Slideshow
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I am a photographer who wants to do some slide presentations of my work to groups of varying sizes. I need to get the biggest bang for my buck (don't we all) and am really looking to spend no more than $800. Researching this has been overwhelming. I am only technically savy about cameras!

I am looking at the Epson S3 and the Dell 1100 right now as well as the older Canon LS-V4. I have used several projector brands and the biggest thing I've noticed is lack of brightness and contrast and the inability to adjust the color. So these are key factors for me. It sounds like I need at least 1500 lumens from what I've read and of course it needs to be portable. Things like a remote are irrelevant, as I do slideshows. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!