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Topic: Will this damage my projector?
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NEC GT1150
Projector Specs
We use a NEC GT1150 for our presentations. The guy who runs it will sometimes shut down the computer and forget to shut down the projector (it's mounted to the ceiling so there is a switch he should flick on the sound board). I will come in a day or two later and find the projector to still be on (not brightly, just a faint gray light on the screen - standby mode maybe?).

Is this going to shorten the life of our lamps?
Is there any danger of damaging the projectors themselves?
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Yes, and yes, and a question.

1. If the lamp is on, it is ON. Lamps are not typically 10% on or 20% on, they are either fully on or fully off. So, every second the lamp is on, it is draining its life.

2. If the lamp is on, then it is generating heat which takes away from the overall lifetime of the projector. Most projectors are not rated for 24/7 usage, so projectors left on over a full weekend are doing their best to cook themselves to death. Definitely NOT recommended!

QUESTION: When you say there is a switch that he should flick on the sound board... What exactly does that switch do? A projector should ALWAYS be turned off with the remote control that ships with it. This turns the lamp off and uses fans to properly cool down the cabinet. After the fan is done cooling the projector, and ONLY then, may a hard power switch be used to cut the main 120v to the projector.

Your scenario is exactly why control systems like AMX and Crestron are installed. They make sure the system is fully shut down, so you don't have to.
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