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Topic: Will this damage my projector?
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At our church we use a NEC GT1150. The guy at our church who runs it will sometimes shut down the computer and forget to shut down the projector (it's mounted to the ceiling so there is a switch he should flick on the sound board). I will come in a day or two later and find the projector to still be on (not brightly, just a faint gray light on the screen - standby mode maybe?).

Is this going to shorten the life of our lamps?
Is there any danger of damaging the projectors themselves?
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I am not sure about damage to the projector but that will seriously suck the life out of the bulb.

I do have a question for you. When you say that there is a switch to shut off the projector how does that work? Does it just shut the power off to the outlet or does it shut the projector down? Just curious.
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Please see your other post and don't double post. thx.
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