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Topic: Help: Projectors needed for Industrial high duty use?
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I need help:

We are a South African AV company that has a client that utilises projectors in their Call Centers. These are at least 18 to 24 hours per day operations country wide.

We need to determine what the best route to go for is:

- Put in high spec projector and just replace lamps indefinately and service very regulary (If this is the case what are recommended for this purposes)for a 3 year period.

- Put in something Like the 3000 lumen Panasonic on contract basis replacing with a new projector every year. Over the 3 year period it would be less expensive than putting in a very expensive projector.

From my experiance no projectors really "enjoy" 24 hr operation.

What do you do in such cases like Call Centers (big screens required)and Operation type rooms?

Any help appreciated.
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Just to say that I am faced with a similar requirement although my requirement is a full 24 hour day 7 days per week, for controlling a physics experiment. In fact the need is to have 9 Projectors running at all times. Projectors because they prefer the much larger image than currently available from monitors.

I will keep you posted if we come up with a proposal.