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Topic: HELP! Boxing promotion needs a projector!!
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I have been searching the interent for information on projectors and this seems to be the place.

My situation is as follows: I promote a small boxing show in a arena that was formerly a ice rink. The seating capacity is around 2000 in the stands and 500 on the floor with the ring. The ring is the only area that is lighted through out the event, so it is very dark.

I need a projector and screen broadcasting the in ring action onto a screen large enough for everyone to see. I also need to know if I can broadcast onto a wall or need to buy a screen. This does not need to be hdtv or anything special, I'm running under a tight budget.

I am brand new to projectors and cameras and I need direction on what camera to use to record the event and what cable I would use to connect it to the projector.

What is the CHEAPEST projector that could pull this off?? Thank you in advance