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Topic: Arghhhhh!!!! Skewing........What to do?????
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I finished installing an InFocus SP5000 unit on a cathedral ceiling. The unit was completely balanced and leveled. However, it is slightly skewed on the top right of the screen. I have done all I can do with the keystone. Unfortunately, there is only so much advanced settings that one can play with.

The throw distance is 14' and the projector is slightly to the right of where the screen is centered (decrative wood beams run across the room).

It is not bad looking, but I notice it and it bothers me. How does one adjust skewing when projectors are not installed to shoot dead center of the screen? This question applies to all different projector types.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Tony G
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Per page 24 of the manual found here:

You go in and adjust the keystone correction to fix that problem with THAT projector.

Other projectors offer optical lens shift (Z4/AE900) which allow you to actually move the lens left and right/up and down to correct for the location you actually end up placing the projector.
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