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Topic: Use of lens to tighten image
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Hi, We are sizing a projector system for a medium size sanctuary, and have space for a 6 foot (h) x 8 foot (w) 4:3 screen. After using projector sizers, we see that a throw of 18.5 foot to 21 foot would be recommended, but we are researching the possibility of mounting the projector 50 foot from the screen. Most projectors have a little adjustment for zoom, but we need more... Is there a projector/lens combination that can be used to keep the projected image within the size available for the screen ?
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It really depends on your budget. There are long throw lenses available for projectors from Sanyo, Barco, and several other companies - but I'm not sure if they allow for such a small screen size from that distance.

You also will be dealing a good bit with ambient light.

Churches quite often go with rear projection setups in a proper sanctuary, and I recommend that you have a professional consultant come in a talk to you guys about some of your options. Houses of Worship are turning more and more to A/V gear and A/V companies are responding with excellent planning and designs that maximize your budget and alert you to potential issues that may arrise.
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