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Topic: Projector for VJing - Any Recommendations?
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Hi there,

I am after a projector for use in clubs. As with this website and many others, the only categories are always education, business, home cinema. For this reason I am finding it difficult to find the right product.

NB - VJing is the live mix of visuals that follow the music (DJ/Band)

I have finally got it down to the following spec:

Brightness: 2000 Lumens
Resolution: XGA
Contrast ratio: 400:1

Keystone (H&R) is very important as in a club you can not always set up facing the screen. I also need 2000 Lumens as the club lighting often conflicts! Also LCD as I can live with the 'screen door' effect, however don't want to see any 'aspects' or colour cycling on white images if I went for DLP.

Any suggestions? I am after a reputable brand (NEC, Hitachi, sanyo etc)

Hope this helps - any information on current products or recommendations much appreciated!!

Many thanks,

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