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I'm shopping for my first projector, and have narrowed my search based on the requirements of my room etc, to three machines.
I'd prefer the BenQ 8720, but I dont think I want to spend the 5 grand, though its clearly superior to the two others. Next is the Optoma H78dc3 (about $3100), and the Panasonic 900 (everybody's got the details on this puppy memorized, I'm sure, so I'll spare you.) OK, The Optoma h78 seems definitely superior to the Panasonic, and I can afford the extra money. According to review on, the Optoma's lens and TI Dark chip 3 dlp would provide superior contrast and black levels. Like the Panny, there's zero SDE. In short, a review said "nothing rivals it in this price range." However, I notice the Optoma uses a DVI-I input as compared to the Panasonic with its HDMI. As I (barely) understand it, the Optoma purchase includes an adapter so the DVI-I could be connected to an HDMI/DVI cable if needed. But still, I dont believe you'd have the capacity to obtain 8 channel audio, if desired, even with the adapter. Is this correct?
Any thoughts on how important this is?
If having a DVI-I input is considered far inferior these days to HDMI, I'd sure like to know.
Would love to hear from any owners of the H78. Thanks, folks.
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I'm confused??

Why would you need audio at all for your projector's video input?

Adaptor works fine for HDMI to DVI, 78 is the way to go, basically a disguised H79.
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all you need is a cable with dvi on one end and hdmi on other . the projector just needs the digital video part of the signal the audio potion is not needed by projector. as far as projectors the h78 most will say has a superior picture with les mounting possibilities at twice the street price. as long as you dont see rainbows you must decide if the increase price is worth it. also there new model is due out soon the HD7100 with increse cntrast more inputs and vertical and horizontal lens shift