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Topic: 12m x 6m airscreen, suitable projector question.
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I'm looking to set up an outdoor cinema with a matt white 12 x 6m airscreen, to fill that screen with a decent dvd image what resolution would be the minimum I would need?

According to airscreen 10,000 lumens is the recommended brightness for this size screen.

Any recommendations/advice?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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DVD is not HD so it almost doesn't matter what resolution you go with. But, to find a 10,000 lumen projector, you basically will get almost only get solid resolution projectors as those are VERY high end units.

ie: $30,000 and up.

See the search results here, the only requirement is 10,000 lumens or more:
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Tom, I wouold recommend the 10k box from Sanyo or Eiki as your entry level unit. If you want to really spend some money, look at the Christie and Barco projectors.

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The solution depends on your venue. If you can limit the ambient or surrounding light that hits your projection surface, you won't need such a bright projector, and can save yourself a bunch of $. Ambient light bleaches your contrast, making a higher brightness projector necessary to compete against the no-longer-perfect-black background. Amazingly, I've seen a 3500 lumen projector fill a 40' wide screen in perfect dark. It looked great, but if any ambient light hit the screen, it destroyed the image. Usually outdoor cinema has a lot of ambient light, so a 7,700 lumen to 10,000 lumen projctor is wise...but awkardly heavy. Feel free to call me if you'd like to chat more about it.

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