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Topic: Connecting PC to Projector- help!
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I have a PC with an ATI x300 video card, and I'm attempting to connect the Panasonic PT-AE700U to my PC via DVI. I've got the latest ATI drivers, though the image from the projector displays at no more than 640x480. (When connecting to my regular pc monitor everything is fine.) I would like to see the image at the pana's native resolution of 1280x720, and I know that the x300 is capable of doing it.

My pc recognizes the projector as a plug-and-play monitor, which I imagine is part of the problem.

Has anyone dealt with the same issue? And if so, can anyone recommend a resolution? Thanks ahead of time!

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you may want to check out in their under $3500 projector forum. I seem to remember quite a few postings about using the Panny 700 to display PC images. There appears to be a problem displaying in native resolution. Good Luck. biersy