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Topic: Help with Connections Games/Projector
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Really would be grateful for a little help. Love the Panasonic AE700U! Connected to a RCA Direct TV HD Receiver. I have a Sony DreamMaker Home Theater System.

Have the projector connected to the Direct TV HD receiver by Component Video Cables. Everything looks great.

Q1: It seems that I have to unlug the Component Cable from the HD receiver to the Home Theater system to watch DVD's is that the case?

Q2: Have GameCube, PS2 and Xbox how do I connect them to the Projector? Can I go through the Home Theater system??

Thanks for any replies!!
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I'm not familiar with the sony dreammaker system, but you need to find a way to switch among multiple video sources. This is a common feature of decent AV receivers. Since you want component out to your projector, look for a receiver that will upconvert incoming signals to component (so you can hook up any S-video or composite sources to your receiver and it will be sent on over component). I suspect the dreammaker system is an all-in-one solution with DVD built in and it may not offer a whole lot of additional inputs, but as I said I am not really familiar with it.

You seem to have 5 sources, though (3 game systems, DVD and HDTV). So you may need an external switch box (most AVRs handle 2 or 3 component sources at once). Switch boxes that handle component are not that common, but Best Buy carries one called the System Selector Pro (try the games section).

A simple solution for the cable and DVD problem would be to use 3 RCA Y-cables and plug both into the same input. You would have to be careful to only have one on at a time, though, and it doesn't help with the game systems.

So 3 solutions - use an AV receiver with more inputs, use an offboard component switch or use 3 Y-cables to put 2 sources into the same component input jack.

Mix and match is possible (use a switch for the games, put the output into the receiver's extra video input if it has one, and use the Y-cables to get the HDTV box and receiver both into the projector on one input). Something like that would be an option if you have very few inputs in your receiver. I assume the DVD is either built-in or taking up one input on the receiver already.