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Topic: Anyone have a homebrew PVR?
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Does anyone here use a homemade PVR instead of a TiVO or similar pre-built system? If so, what are your specs? I am interested in making one this summer, and would like to hear other people's experiences before jumping in.
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I have a home brew PVR setup in my livingroom. I am running a 2.8ghz P4 with hyperthreading 512MB ram and 160GB of hard drive space. My HTPC has an ATI Radeon 7500 All in wonder for Video (in and out) and an LG super drive DVD burner (+/- R/RW as well as DVD Ram). I am using a Soundblaster Live 5.1 digital to send the audio to my JVC reciver in digital format (coax spdif).

This HTPC outputs to my 36" tv as well as to my Optoma ExPro738 porjector (ceiling mounted, projected onto an 84" 4:3 screen) and the output quality is superb. The TV is getting an S-video signal while the projector is getting the VGA output from the video card.

For the front end duties I am running myHTPC (may upgrade to Meedio soon, but not just yet) as the menu software and I am using ZoomPlayer Pro for most of the playback. For PVR duties I am using ATI's software to watch and time shift live tv as well as record to SVCD MPEG2 quailty files (about 1.2 GB per hour). This has totaly replaced my VCR as a means of recording TV, as the quality is as good as the original cable broadcast (no HDTV for me yet).

Hope that helps.