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Topic: My home theater-vividstorm screen uses the projection effect of different projectors
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This is my simple home theater

Screen used: VIVIDSTORM 120 inch S PRO screen
Projector: XGIMI AURA 4K UST projector
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 UST projector

Let's take a look at the effect of using an ultra-short throw projector on a vivostorm black grid screen with anti-light effect

Overall, I really sigh that the projection effect of the ultra-short-throw projector is really good, and the picture presented by this screen is also very high-definition, the contrast and brightness are very suitable, and the screen surface is very flat.

Ultra short throw projector + UST ALR screen is the perfect combination! !
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XGIMI AURA 4K UST projector

1045 × 846 pixels (117.78 KB)

AWOL Vision LTV-3500 UST projector

1342 × 989 pixels (132.09 KB)