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I'm thinking of buying this projector and would a yes or no and is it worth 2 grand?
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It depends heavily on what your intended use for it is. The projector is most definitely designed for business class use instead of home theater. It will have very poor color reproduction at maximum brightness, but will look reasonably good in a classroom or boardroom type of space.

For a typical theater, this is the wrong product. It just won't meet the specifications listed with any reasonable quality and would sit out as a fringe product.

Please tell me more about your specific application. Your room, etc. If you have photos, you can load them, or check our user group out on FB, which may make loading some photos of the space a lot easier to do. (I'm there as well)

Keep in mind, this is still only a 1080p projector and it really is geared towards business use.

If this is for business use, I would get this model in a second over it...

I will say that I like DLP projectors for home theater use, if they are designed for home theater properly. BenQ makes some excellent models in their 3550 and 5550 models. But, Epson makes some really stunning winners at many price points. Look at their refurb 3100 or 3700 models or their 4K capable, 3200, 3800, 4010, or 5050UB models in the theater.
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Do you have previous experience in using this product?