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Topic: Viable to install ultra-short-throw further than recommended?
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I am working on a low-budget theatrical project, where I want a very large image. XGA is sufficient resolution. 14'-16' wide, and 9' tall. We have black-out capability. So, I suspect that 4,000 lumens will be sufficient.

I need a throw ratio no more than .5. But, it seems that is an unusual range. I can find projectors that are greater than .7 or are ultra short throw.

The ultra short throw seems to be an option, except that the specified range of these projectors doesn't seem to allow for placing it far enough from the screen to do an image as large as I would like. I am not clear if this is because it truly cannot focus that far away, or perhaps just because the manufacturer doesn't think the resulting image would be bright enough.

I had also considered the possibility of getting projectors with less brightness, and just getting two of them, since they are fairly low cost in the used market. ($50) However, unless the ultra short-throw has horizontal keystone correction, I don't think this is at all viable. Though, perhaps it would be viable for the 0.5 throw ratio.

What do you all think?
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I don't understand at all why anyone would setup a 4:3 screen since ALL HD is 16:9, which matches all projectors on the market and has for 10+ years now.

The bigger issue of your throw distance and unusually large image size certainly comes into play. Ultra short throw projectors have very little wiggle room on their size. It has nothing to do with their brightness. It's the extremely sharp projection angle and optics involved. Anything larger than their designed image size will cause the image to go out of focus.

Short throw isn't bad, but you must use a good fixed frame screen or a very flat wall to project onto. But, as always has been the case, standard throw projectors deliver a better image for less money. Once you get into specialized requirements, you start giving up quality, and could spend more for the capability to do so.
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