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Topic: Outdoor theater - UST vs fixed projector
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Point taken about ALR screens. There is certainly a trade off but worth considering for an outdoor setting. I feel like we'd still lean this way just to try to optimize pre-dark viewing, understanding the drawbacks. The ALR screen we were considering for standard throw was Firehawk G5 with 1.1 gain.

Your point about prioritizing brightness had crossed my mind. For reference, we're looking at probably a 120 in screen, maybe 130 in but not sure that it will fit in the space. It would seem to me that for an outdoor solution higher lumens would be a priority, but I'm not sure if that is an overly simplistic line of thinking and how you prioritize and choose appropriately.

For a 120 in outdoor screen, would you still lean towards the LG Cinebeam at 2700 ANSI lumens or the Epson 5050 at 2600 ANSI lumens, or would you recommend a projector with more brightness?

We had considered running some cables from inside the house, but because of our existing stone hardscape, trenching isn't an ideal option, so we'd have to have a conduit running across at some point which I was trying to avoid. The space underneath the grill is basically an empty enclosure for storage and protected from the elements, hence the consideration for putting the amp there. But we'll certainly re-visit the idea if it makes sense to wire completely from inside the house.
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