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Topic: NEC C981Q mounting
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hello. for my company. i have this NEC C981Q. I am looking for suggestions on mounting this. right now i am probably going use threaded rod to hang from metal I beams in the ceiling.

are there any good references for large 'signage' monitor mounting ?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Well, you certainly wouldn't be using threaded rod and you will need to be sure you can connect to I-Beams per building codes where you are. They aren't always allowed to be fastened to. Sometimes you have to go directly to the slab above.

Proper hanging is typically done using 1.5" NPT and a rated mount for it.

I might reach out to Chief for this endeavor. But, I'm not sure how much they can help with the actual mounting. Beyond that, I would go to a commercial AV company for the job as they will know what they are doing locally.
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