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Topic: Advice for 400cm screen needed
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Waves doesn't sound good at all.
So I will hear advises and will look only at tab tensioned screens.

My projector is older model Epson Projector /not 4k/, but projector I can change easily in future, where screen is something which will stay for many years ahead.

Any opinion about following brands:

Screen International:



Tab Tensioned Draper is quite over budget
One with 131" diagonal cost here in UK 2730GBP /3600$/.

Da Lite is also quite expensive with 5300$ for 135" diagonal.

So I would have to choose from some of inferior brands.
Elite one looking best compromise so far..
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Of the companies you listed, I would avoid Sapphire as they really don't provide good or adequte screen materials information.

Projecta throws me for a curve because their screen materials names are identical to those of DaLite. So, is it a DaLite screen, DaLite materials, or something else going on? I might call to find out, but I would ask specifically why they are ripping off the exact names of another (far larger) screen company.

Screen Int. does a good job with their various materials offered and solid specificiations. This is the one that I would lean towards since they offer different materials for the screen surfaces as well as datasheets on those different materials. That's a sign of a company that is, at the very least, trying to sound professional. As well, their Ultra HD material with 1.2 gain sounds right on point with what I would be looking for.
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